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8 World of Warcraft Mods to Help You Level in Legion

Jeff Mills | 14 Sep 2016 14:27
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Deadly Boss Mods
GTFO Source

If you have ever entered a dungeon or raid then you know of Deadly Boss Mods. DBM inspired quite a few additions to dungeons and raids to assist with the mechanics of bosses that have special methods of taking them down. However, nothing beats the best and it's still pretty much a standard anytime you walk through the dungeon or raid portals with others. They remind you when to move and when to dodge the bad stuff.

Also worth mentioning as a supplemental to Deadly Boss Mods is the aptly named GTFO. All it does is sound off an incredibly annoying noise to inform you that you're standing somewhere you shouldn't and won't stop until you leave. It's sort of like your alarm clock, you'll hate it but know just how much it's necessary when it's on.

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