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8 Memorable Moments in MMO History

Jeff Mills | 21 Sep 2016 11:22
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Mr. Feng's Parenting - Game Unknown

Parenting, in this day and age, is more about controlling video game habits than worrying about broken bones and spending too much time outdoors.

Mr. Feng, father of Xiao Feng, was worried that his son was spending too much time playing his favorite video game and preventing him from finding a job, he took on a much different way of trying to break his son of his gaming habit.

Instead of a typical way of discipline such as restricting playtime, taking away the system, or killing his internet access he decided a way of discouragement would be a better way. He "hired" other players to assassinate his character. Anytime he logged in, his character would be killed. The idea was that he would be so discouraged with the game he would give up and find a job.

Xiao, frustrated by the hit-squads, finally caved in and talked to his father about finding employment. He said he was actively searching, but hasn't found a job he found suitable.

Epic troll or awesome parent, I have to try this on my kids when they reach that age. Either way, it would be hilarious.

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