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8 of the Most Evil Fictional Leaders

Jeff Mills | 8 Nov 2016 17:16
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Today is a special day in the US - Super Tuesday. It's the day when we decide who will be the President of our nation for the next four years. It's been a rough time this election season as the political divide hasn't been this segregated in over 140 years. While each political party praises their candidate and admonishes their opponent, we have to understand that it could be much, much worse.

Let's look at eight fictional leaders that, if real, would have easily made our current choices look like choosing between bacon or sausage.


Admiral General Aladeen
Source: The Dictator (Movie)

The epitome of Arabic opulence, Admiral General Aladeen is what Kim Jung Un and the [a href=""]Democratic People's Republic of Korea would be if they were Arabic. As the absolute ruler of his nation the Republic of Wadiya, he does whatever he wants, whenever he wants with whoever he desires. A simple hand gesture is all it takes to execute anyone that mildly annoys him. He had an insatiable appetite for celebrities to have sex with and would take photographs of each one post-coitus and hang them on his wall as a sort of trophy. Given how much he enjoys spending money on relatively useless things, he would crash most economies with hardly any effort.

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