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8 Pricey Gifts for the Luckiest Gamers

Joshua Vanderwall | 16 Dec 2016 20:00
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We didn't do our normal "If I Won the Lottery" section for our gift guide this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't a ton of products that go beyond a more modest gift-giving budget, so we decided to have a go at it. These gift ideas are way too expensive to be a reasonable purchase for a passing acquaintance (Unless you're Notch, in which case, I'd like to remind him that I'm a passing acquaintance!) but if you're looking for that piece de resistance gift for your dearest gamer, this might help!


RapidX Ferrino Chair. Produced by Available for $349 USD from producer. Retail unit provided by producer.

I've never been a particular connoisseur of office chairs, but I've talked repeatedly about the Playseat racing chair, and the description of RapidX's Ferrino line was reminiscent enough of that to pique my interest. Turns out, it's very much like the Playseat, both in form and style, and hits a similar price point, but the RapidX Ferrino is relevant to anybody with a desk. The folks at RapidX sent me the Ferrino model to check out a couple weeks back, and I'm still in shock at how much of a difference a good chair makes when you sit at a desk for 12+ hours a day.

When I was assembling it, I did end up breaking off a couple fragments from a plastic facade, which didn't noticeably affect the chair but doesn't reflect the impeccable quality of the product. The Ferrino's reclining seat back and adjustable arm rests make it perfect for a shared space, when you're not the only one using it, or for long gaming or working sessions. The outrageously silly product images seem to bespeak the company's commitment to its product over its hype. Seriously, they actually photoshopped the chair next to a desk. And into a skate park. And into some sort of... warehouse, maybe? Obviously, they do it to easily swap out different models and colors, but I'm easily amused, so I made these.

I'm not going to claim that I know this to be the best chair, and it carries a fairly hefty $350 price tag, but I can say that it's the most comfortable, functional office chair I've ever used, and I'm old enough now to appreciate the optional lumbar support.

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