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8 Christmas Movies to Watch With the Family

Jeff Mills | 22 Dec 2016 15:45
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Christmas is a time of giving and spending time with one's family. Though, there's something to be said about just sitting back and relaxing to a good seasonal movie. If you're just looking to unwind after a marathon of wrapping gifts for the kids for the next morning or simply want to relax with a cup of your favorite hot drink, pop in one of the following movies and get into the holiday spirit.

Here are eight classic Christmas movies that should be watched at least once in a lifetime.

charlie brown

A Charlie Brown Christmas

As one of the oldest movie on our list, Charlie Brown is a name that several generations know of and love. The movie is about Charlie Brown being upset that Christmas has turned into a commercialized gift-giving only time of year, and embarks on a quest to discover the true meaning of what Christmas is supposed to be.

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