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8 of the Most Evil Villains in Video Games

Jeff Mills | 31 Jan 2017 14:25
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Villains are the characters that make a video game great. It's not the hero that does it, but who he's fighting against. It's how horrific or cruel they are that makes them drawn to our emotion of "I need to kick their ass for this!" Without a good villain, a game is bland and generally won't have a second playthrough. But, like Dr. No from the James Bond universe, there are villains in video games that are some of the evilest in fiction

Here are eight of our favorite villains from video games that we just love to defeat.

illusive man

The Illusive Man - The Mass Effect Series

The Illusive Man is a xenophobic "humans first" villain in a galaxy filled with alien species. He's the leader of the terrorist group Cerberus, whom Mass Effect fans will remember being a part of in Mass Effect 2. He's even got a super-cool hideout next to a dying star.

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