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8 Video Games That Almost Ruined A Franchise

Jeff Mills | 10 Mar 2017 19:00
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command and conquer 4

Command and Conquer 4

Oh man, where to begin with this one. I'll try to keep it short. I've been a huge C&C fan since Red Alert. When I got it, It was one of those games that I spent 6 hours playing straight and thought it was for only about an hour or so. It consumed my attention that much because of just how much fun it was to play. Plus, I had a crush on the actress that played Sonya. I'm sure that had a bit to do with it, too.

Command and Conquer 4 was EA's attempt at thinking that everyone wanted to play multiplayer and forcefed fans this option in order to unlock other units in single player. It backfired considerably. They found that people who played single player may not have wanted to play in multi-player and those who played multi-player really wanted nothing to do with the single-player. This meant that the "reward" for playing in multi-player didn't reward those who did, nor did those who played single-player see these rewards as they didn't want to play against others.

It cost them dearly and, hopefully, if we see another Command and Conquer game, they'll learn from that mistake and look at the success of Red Alert series of it and go from there.

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