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8 Video Games That Almost Ruined A Franchise

Jeff Mills | 10 Mar 2017 19:00
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Sometimes developers jump the shark when they make a video game. They do this either believing their vision is inspirational and want to take a chance, or feel they can stand on the shoulders of its predecessors and rake in more money.

Either way, here are 8 games that didn't do anyone any favors by being released.

fear 3

Fear 3

Fear 3 is proof that a game doesn't necessarily need to be bad in order to ruin a franchise. It just needs to be nothing like the previous games with only hints of the horror that they were about.

Fear 3, instead, decided to be more of a Call of Duty type of game with minor hints as to what the actual story was really about. The AI wasn't really the best and more of just a point, shoot, cover system that any FPS game has. Except that's all they did.

I guess the previous games scared the developers too much and they didn't want to continue with it the way it was.

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