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Jeff Mills | 31 Mar 2017 17:00
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overpriced dlc

Overpriced DLC

DLC, or "Downloadable Content", was always something that gamers felt a bit sour about. Why not release this content with the game? Why not make them feel confident about their purchase knowing that the developer will continue supporting it with new ideas after its launched?

Okay, I know it's no longer the late 90's and that idea has gone away. I do, however, object to the notion that any DLC should cost so much as to rival that of the original game or cost an exorbitant amount for what it offers. For example, Map Packs. How in the name of Cthulhu does 5 new maps using the same textures found in the original game, with no additional options or features cost so much? I know I'm targeting Call of Duty a bit, but it's because it's the biggest culprit of overpriced DLC, especially given the games lifespan. I've seen defunct MMOs that are more popular than a COD game after a month or two. Yet, especially with those season passes, they try to charge an arm and a leg for this content.

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