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8 of the Hardest Boss Fights in an MMO

Jeff Mills | 3 Apr 2017 19:00
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For MMO players, a challenging boss fight is always desired. Without them, the game becomes boring and 'grindy'. MMO developers are well aware of this and do their best to make sure that the bosses players face off against give enough challenge while ensuring they're still beatable. However, sometimes they seem to enjoy watching their players cry like babies when fighting certain ones.

Here are eight of those bosses that made nerd rage a common thing in MMO communities.

lich king

Lich King - World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft's Lich King is one of the most widely known bosses in gaming. The fallen prince, Arthas succomed to the dark powers and blended with the former Lich King to assume the role and title.

The fight in normal was fairly brutal for the majority of the WoW players, but in Heroic Mode, he's downright unforgiving. Plus, you were given a stat buff to assist you throughout the instance that you had the option to turn off. Some players with proverbial balls of steel would disable this, unleashing the fight at its full potential. The fight was in 3 phases, and it took weeks of farming each phase to get it down before the next one could be attempted properly.

Arthas really was a dick.

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