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8 Funny Ways Game Developers Trolled Pirates

Jeff Mills | 4 Apr 2017 17:00
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Donkey Kong 64

Honestly, I think this one is a dick move by Nintendo. Back in the day, Gameshark was used for all of your cheating needs and they had codes for Donkey Kong 64. Now, if one used these codes before a saved game was created, all was just fine and dandy. But, if you saved after these codes were used, not only was the saved game corrupted but it also corrupted your cartridge as well, rendering it useless and causing you to purchase a fresh copy of the game. It wasn't really an anti-piracy or cheat measure, but it did seem to only affect those who used it. The developer released a free expansion pack that fixed this issue but, to this day, they still have no idea why it happened.

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