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5 Journey to Un'Goro Cards That Could Already Use a Nerf

Steven Bogos | 13 Apr 2017 10:00
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Every Hearthstone expansion has "those cards" - the ones that turn out to be so stupidly overpowered, they get hit hard by the nerf bat. Undertaker. Spirit Claws. Small-Time Buccaneer. Even though the expansion has only been out a week, we already have a few cards from Journey to Un'Goro that we think could use a little bit of "tweaking" from Blizzard.

While we're sure once the meta stabilizes, natural counters to these cards may arise, it doesn't help that right now they are most annoying to play against!

Here they are, starting with the number one offender:


No-one could have predicted the dominance of The Caverns Below. Many professional players ranked it quite low, saying that it would be one of the hardest quests to pull off, with not that powerful of a reward. Turns out, just like with Dr. Boom, the pros were wrong. Thanks to cards like Stonetusk Boar, Gadgetzan Ferryman, Youthful Brewmaster, Shadowstep and of course everyone's favorite tag-team of Southsea Deckhand and Patches the Pirate, it is quite common for players to finish the quest by turn four, and then play it on turn 5. If they manage to have Preparation in hand, they can even play the quest as soon as they complete it, leaving you staring down a board of 5/5 minions.

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