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8 Weird Secrets in Recent Games You Probably Missed

Kevin Thielenhaus | 17 May 2017 14:00
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Video games these days are complex affairs, and many of them hide some interesting secrets away for players to discover. These may be easy to find, or extremely complicated to access, but it's not unusual to find secrets that reference other games or pop culture events, or those that just give you more insight into the game you're playing. Here are eight hidden secrets you may have missed in recent games.


Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City - Almost Like An Ending

Let's start this list with a secret "ending" of sorts hidden away in Dark Souls 3. Fans of the lore have surely poured over this easy-to-miss exchange, available exclusively to players that have completed both Dark Souls 3 DLC chapters.

At the conclusion to The Ringed City, the Ashen One (the player) finds themselves possessing of very strange relic. The "Blood of the Dark Soul" sounds pretty important - I mean, look, "Dark Soul" is right there in the name! So it must be pretty important, right? It isn't exactly clear what this weird doodad is for, but there's one character that'll take it off your undead hands.

Up in the attic of the Chapel of Ariandel, a location unlocked in the Ashes of Ariandel DLC for Dark Souls 3, the player can encounter a curious painter that first appears in the Corvian Settlement. The young girl will take the Blood of the Dark Soul. She's planning to paint a new world, one that is "cold, dark, and very gentle" - sounds like a nice rest after all the horrors we've all experienced in the Souls series.

Get the full dialogue exchange right here.

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