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8 Super Difficult (And Super Secret) Hidden Bosses In Recent Games

Kevin Thielenhaus | 25 May 2017 13:30
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Games have evolved, but boss battles aren't going anywhere. Mine the hidden depths of recent releases with The Escapist as we reveal 8 secret boss battles -- how to unlock them, and just what makes these particular battles so special.

Needless to say, there are going to be a bunch of end-game or late-game spoilers ahead.

Nier: Automata - Lvl. 99 Emil (Twice!)

Nier: Automata is no strange to mystery. This is a series that demands to be replayed just to get a complete story. No, we're not touching on any of that main story stuff here - instead, let's discuss the oddball, creepy-faced, and perpetually body-less presence of Emil. This child-like character is first encountered running a small shop, and intruding on his secret residence one too many times leads to your first Lvl. 99 secret boss battle.

The first fight against Emil isn't such a big deal. He appears as he always does - in his mobile shop, but summons armies of duplicate Emil heads to attack. If you're not properly leveled, this battle is pretty much impossible - which is also true of the final-final secret boss hidden in Nier: Automata. Here's where things get weird.

After finding and upgrading every single weapon in the game, you'll get a message from Emil, asking to meet you in the far, far corners of the desert. It seems Emil has remembered too much thanks to your memory-jogging efforts. He reveals his past, and loses his mind - summoning enormous Emil-head warmachines out of the sand, all Lvl. 99, and spawning an infinite supply of these deadly enemies. It's a grueling fight in the sand, accompanied by heart-wrenching music and Emil's despair-filled monologue. If you don't stop his self-destruct countdown, it leads to the last unlockable ending available in Nier: Automata, one that's pretty fitting for a series this dark and depressing.

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