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8 Vacation Spots You'll Want To Visit In Breath of the Wild

Kevin Thielenhaus | 31 May 2017 12:00
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Lake of the Horse God & Taobab Grassland - The Horse Fairy & The Giant Horse

If you've lost your favorite horse (or want a new, gigantic horse of your own) - then you'll want to take Link down to the Lake Tower Region. There are two unique horse-related tourist traps near Lake Hylia that are worth checking out.

First up is the Lake of the Horse God. Talk to the folks at the Highland Stable, south of Lake Hylia, for helpful instructions. Really, all you need to do is travel south from the stable to stumble upon this very strange fairy.

Unlike the other fairies, this Horse Fairy revives dead horses! Well, he'll revive them so long as they only died accidentally. If you killed a horse on purpose, the Horse Fairy isn't so friendly.

West of Lake Hylia, Link can stumble into the Taobab Grasslands. This seemingly tranquil valley between East Gerudo Mesa and Mount Faloraa is home to one super-special horse - the Giant Horse! This oversized equine positively dwarfs Link, and you'll need three bars of stamina to tame this beast. Yes, you can still send it to the stable.

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