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8 Vacation Spots You'll Want To Visit In Breath of the Wild

Kevin Thielenhaus | 31 May 2017 12:00
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The Forgotten Temple - A Gift From the Monks

The Forgotten Temple is an old ruin on the northern edge of Tanagar Canyon, west of central Hyrule. This vast gap bordering the Hebra and Tabantha regions can be tricky to cross, and a dangerous dragon makes it roost along the rocky passage. The interior ruins are guarded by a small army of partially-disabled Guardians, so reached it won't be easy. We recommend using the glider and sticking to the sky. Too bad the big reward isn't available until you've finish a titanic quest - Link needs to complete all 120 shrines to get "A Gift From the Monks".

After completing all 120 shrines, Link instantly gains the "A Gift From The Monks" quest, directing the young hero to the Forgotten Temple. If you can avoid the ancient guardians, the interior of the temple has a special outfit for Link as a reward. The "Of the Wild" gear is patterned after classic Link outfits, and enhances the Master Sword's beam attack.

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