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8 Vacation Spots You'll Want To Visit In Breath of the Wild

Kevin Thielenhaus | 31 May 2017 12:00
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Skull Lake - Kilton's Monster Shop

Up north in Akkala, you're very likely to notice a massive skull-shaped lake. That's where a nocturnal NPC that trades in his very own unique currency calls home. Kilton sells special gear you won't find anywhere else - Dark Link armor, monster masks, and weird weapons that are way more useful than they first appear. To get mons, you'll have to trade Kilton gross bits from all the monsters you've killed. The tougher the monster, the more mons you'll get for trading in those chunks.

After meeting with Kilton for the first time, he'll move around randomly, usually appearing on the outskirts of major villages at night. He arrives in a big monster-shaped balloon, so he isn't too hard to spot.

Visit him often and grab the Spring-Loaded Hammer and the monster masks first! The Spring-Loaded Hammer is a toy that launches enemies, but doesn't do any damage. It's infinite durability is what really makes this tool worthwhile. The monster masks allow Link to blend in and avoid conflict with Bokoblins, Moblins, and Lizalfos... unless you get too rowdy.

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