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8 Great Isometric Action RPGs You Should Have Played

Ron Whitaker | 5 Jun 2017 16:05
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Action RPGs really began when Diablo launched in 1996. Since then, there have countless games that offer their own take on the formula. Some are pretty good, and some aren't, but these eight are the ones that are definitely worth your time.


Way back in 2000, Westwood Studios (of Command & Conquer fame) released Nox. It cast you as Jack, a young guy from Earth you gets yanked into a parallel dimension. In this high-fantasy world, he has to defeat an evil Sorceress and her Necromancer followers in order to get back home. Not only did it offer a singleplayer story, but you could go head-to-head with friends, and a later expansion added a cooperative multiplayer mode.

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