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8 Game Stories That Faked Us Out With Ending Credits

Kevin Thielenhaus | 4 Jul 2017 13:15
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More than a few games have left us asking, "Is that it?" when the credits roll. A short, perfunctory ending sequence is the most we can ask for from most games.

But a handful of heroes push the story outside the limits of the credits roll. In fact, more than a few games fake us out with the credits. We're meant to think the game is over, everything is settled, and then the story kicks right back into high gear, sending us straight into a playable epilogue. Sometimes this is a post-game, sometimes it leads to the final battle (or sequence) and sometimes it's just an additional ending that truly settles things.

Here are 8 games that didn't quit when the credits rolled. The story continued, and some of these games saved the best stuff for last. And just as a heads up, we're wading deep into Ending Spoilers territory.

Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach tells the story of the planet Reach, where the alien versus human conflict first kicked off. At the end, your allies are in full retreat, but you - a lone Spartan super soldier - stand firm against an endless opponent. Instead of running, you go out fighting.

The true ending doesn't begin until after the credits roll, which is how I've chosen to make this list. With the escape out of the way, you take control of the last member of Noble Team on Reach and a combat mission ensues. You're trapped on a blasted chunk of rock as an infinite swarm of Covenant soldiers descend on you. You'll fight until the end, and the true ending begins to play only when you're inevitably killed. It's a somber little ending for the final Halo developed by the original creators, Bungie.

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