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8 Must-Have Mods for XCOM 2

Ron Whitaker | 13 Jul 2017 14:00
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XCOM 2 has a brand-new expansion on the way, which means that some of you may be diving back into Firaxis' turn-based strategy game to prepare. Luckily, the community has created a ton of mods that help improve the game, even though it's already pretty darn good. If you want to see just how you can make XCOM 2 better, check out these eight mods.

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Free Camera Rotation

XCOM 2 is a great game, but there are times when its interface can be a little frustrating, and probably none more so than when you just can't get the camera to let you see what you really want to see. Enter the Free Camera Rotation mod. This mod lets you rotate the camera freely through 360 degrees, zooming in and out as needed. You can also set up custom key binds for controlling the camera.

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