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8 Indie Metroidvanias To Scratch Your Exploration Itch

Kevin Thielenhaus | 2 Aug 2017 15:30
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Salt and Sanctuary

Eschewing the smooth, painterly Hollow Knight, Salt and Sanctuary is a self-described Dark Souls-bite that really resembles a Metroidvania more in its execution. You have multiple paths to explore on the mysterious island, and this game is darker (and more violent) than most.

Don't let the Newgrounds graphics and scratchy art fool you. This is a solid combat game. You'll need to fight for every victory and unlocking shortcuts back to your safe camps is a great feeling. The areas are appropriately twisted, and the boss encounters are some of the most memorable on this list -- multi-mouthed abominations, hulking torture victims, walking trees made of corpses, and a nameless god-being are waiting for you in the depths of Salt and Sanctuary.

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