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8 Years of Doom WADs | The Best Maps & Total Conversions

Kevin Thielenhaus | 9 Aug 2017 16:17
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2013 - Pirate Doom

The Pirate was a distant memory when this high-seas themed DOOM total conversion landed back in 2013. If anything, the silly Pirates-lite theme makes this little gem even more charming. Instead of the pistol, you run around with dual flintlocks. Instead of the rocket launcher, you drag a cannon around and spread pellet shot with a honking blunderbuss.

It helps that Pirate Doom is all fun-silly all the time. The original Doom monsters are back with a pirate-y makeover, gaining eyepatches, Pirate hats and little beards. There are 18 levels to explore, and we suggest you get on that right away. It's a hoot.

Download Pirate Doom here.

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