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8 Dinner Scenes That Redefine Awkward In Gaming

Kevin Thielenhaus | 14 Aug 2017 01:03
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Before the holiday season hits, it's always good to prepare mentally and physically for awkward dinners with the extended family. No matter how unpleasant or awkward your in-laws are, they can't compare to the terribleness of these 8 shockingly awkward dinner experiences in gaming.

Resident Evil 7 - Meet the Bakers

The harrowing return to horror form in RE7 kicks off with a bang as our hero protagonist faces down a deeply unhappy bunch of maniacs. The Baker family are a gaggle of angry southern psychos - they don't just bring you to dinner, they force feed you with a knife to the teeth. It ends with chopped-off arms, shouting, and everyone leaving the table unhappy after barely touching their meals. So this is basically a (slightly) enhanced version of Thanksgiving dinners across the country.

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