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8 Dinner Scenes That Redefine Awkward In Gaming

Kevin Thielenhaus | 14 Aug 2017 01:03
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Far Cry 4 - Dinner With Pagan Min

At the start of your revolutionary adventures in the open-world FPS Far Cry 4, the cruel dictator of your home nation Pagan Min invites you to dinner under mysterious circumstances, treating the player like a prized guess in his fancy mountain retreat. Pagan Min sits down for dinner - only to promptly leave and torture a political prisoner.

What makes this dinner scene so special is that you've got an invisible choice - most players are going to high-tail it out of there. But, if you wait patiently for Pagan Min to return, you'll finish a conversation, get the high-class treatment, and take off in a helicopter. Yup, there's an alternate ending right at the start of the adventure. And it all hinges on how long you, the player, can stomach an awkward wait.

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