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8 Nostalgic Back-To-School Games

Kevin Thielenhaus | 23 Aug 2017 10:05
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The Incredible Machine

It's hard to even classify The Incredible Machine - it isn't really an educational game. Really, it's a logic puzzle game, and a really fun one. But there's no separating The Incredible Machine from other Back-To-School classics. It seems like every computer lab came preloaded with The Incredible Machine.

Creating Rube-Goldbery machines is the name of the game in The Incredible Machine. For each puzzle, you're given a select number of parts to complete an objective - popping balloons, dropping balls into containers, tossing basketballs through hoops, and more. You'll have to place machines (and parts) while connecting everything up to engines to complete each puzzle. It's a really fun little game, and it surely helped lead more than a few curious minds toward the STEM fields. We can only hope.

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