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8 Nostalgic Back-To-School Games

Kevin Thielenhaus | 23 Aug 2017 10:05
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Math Blaster

My persona favorite educational game, Math Blaster is about two things - solving simple math problems, and shooting garbage. After completing a series of math problems correctly, your little lizard brain is rewarded with a shooting sequence. Junk flies across your space ship screen. You click to shoot as much floating debris as possible - you're not just getting smarter, you're cleaning up space too!

Other games in the series featured interactive stories, pausing to let the player solve math puzzles - like guessing how many gold eggs were hidden inside a box, based on the size of the box, naturally - or 2D platforming puzzles, forcing your crew of aliens to collect numbers to complete equations. That's all too confusing for me. I'll settle for the math problems and trash shooting, thank you very much.

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