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10 Golden-Age Marvel Allies We Could Meet in Agent Carter

Bob Chipman | 31 Dec 2014 12:00
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Blonde Phantom was a detective's assistant turned WWII-era O.S.S. spy. Interestingly, though a minor figure in the Golden Age, she became a notable supporting character in modernity. As an older widow in the 1980s, she was a romantic partner of Morris Walters, father of Jennifer "She-Hulk" Walters, and has offered spy expertise/experience to her and other heroes to this day.

"50's CAP"
Okay. This one is a little confusing.

Originally, Marvel/Timely continued publishing Captain America stories well into the 1950s, rebranding their idealistic WWII hero as the more politically-strident "Captain America: Commie-Smasher." This continuation was unpopular with writers and ignored by the public at large, and when Marvel decided (reputedly at the personal insistence of Stan Lee himself) to resurrect Cap in the then-current 1960s continuity as an Avenger, it was decided that they'd ignore the 1950s "Commie-Smasher" stories entirely and retcon Steve Rogers as having been frozen since the war after the doomed mission that also resulted in the "death" of Bucky Barnes (which in turn became an in-universe excuse for Marvel heroes to eschew teenaged-sidekicks).

But since "new" fans eventually rediscovered the 50s stories, a new backstory was created: A mentally-unstable, patriotism-obsessed hardcase named William Burnside was conscripted to become the new Captain America in Rogers' absence. This turned out to be a really, really bad idea, as Burnside went crazy(er) -- changing his name to Steve Rogers, getting plastic-surgery to resemble the original and taking out his nationalistic-rage on innocent civilians. He was eventually warehoused, Ark of the Covenant-style, but has returned as a villain (he's an oldschool-racist and fixated on "restoring" Traditional America, is the usual idea) numerous times.

If Agent Carter were to hypothetically get further adventures spanning into the 1950s, how is this guy -- a hyper-patriarchal nutjob who desecrates the uniform, name and memory of Peggy's lost love -- not the perfect nemesis?

Oh yeah! Someone else familiar who's technically still alive in this period.

Remember: The "idea" of Winter Soldier is that HYDRA and various other ne'er-do-wells just keep freezing and thawing the cyborg-enhanced Bucky Barnes every time they need him to assassinate someone, so he's been active taking out prime targets for decades between WWII and now.

And hey... during Arnim Zola's big info-dump in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it's implied that HYDRA was responsible for the murders of Howard Stark and his wife, right? Hm. Y'know, if the trigger-man on that was Bucky Barnes, and Iron Man was to find out about that, he'd probably want to kill him for it. And if Captain America was to object to that? Like, say, on the grounds that he was under mind-control at the time and not responsible? That sure would give them something to fight about in Civil War...

...Oh fine, I want to see them try and pull off that costume, okay?



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