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A Comprehensive Look at the Commercials of Super Bowl XLIX

John Keefer | 2 Feb 2015 17:00
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Budweiser: Lost Dog (1)

Budweiser always likes to pull on the heart strings, and what's better than a lost puppy being saved by the company's trademark Clydesdales. This one ranked high on the cute meter, something that Budweiser does really well every year. The ad is reminiscent of last year's Puppy Love spot.

Budweiser: Brewed the Hard Way (37)

When it chose not to appeal to emotion, Budweiser went back to it's old standby of quick-paced ad with good music aimed at the hard-working people of America. "We aren't a craft beer, people. We've been doing it right for decades! Buy Budweiser." Routine, but still effective.

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