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Everything You Need to Know About Mad Max

Marter | 13 May 2015 15:31
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Mad Max: Fury Road (Preview)

Directed by George Miller. Produced by Doug Mitchell, George Miller, and P. J. Voeten. Written by George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, and Nico Lathouris. Release date: May 15, 2015.

Nobody asked for a new Mad Max movie. Well, that's probably not true. I mean, people wanted a new Lost Boys movie, and we wound up getting two of those a couple of decades too late. But very few people wanted a new Mad Max movie. George Miller seemed to have moved on - he directed Happy Feet and the second Babe movie - and Mel Gibson seemed done with the franchise, too. But we're getting one anyway; this time with Tom Hardy in the lead role.

The Characters

Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy): Tom Hardy takes over for Mel Gibson in the lead role. The leading character of the last three films, he wanders the post-apocalyptic wasteland alone.

Furiosa (Charlize Theron): A woman who joins up with Max while crossing the desert.

King Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne): A tyrannical leader who, along with his gang, the War Boys, attempts to rule over a section of the desert. Hugh Keays-Byrne played the villain in Mad Max over three decades earlier.

Nux (Nocholas Hoult): A slave to Immortan Joe who joins up with Max and Furiosa.

Why Should You Care?

Have you seen the trailer? Wait, scratch that. Have you seen any of the trailers? Mad Max: Fury Road looks like the most insane, over-the-top B-movie that we've gotten in at least half a decade, if not more than that. Judging based solely on the trailers - which is not always a good idea, because trailers are often misleading - it looks to move at a frantic pace, have a great deal of imagination, and provide memorable supporting characters. Essentially, it's everything that we need from a new Mad Max film.

I want to see more of George Miller's vision of a post-apocalyptic future. He really started to capture that in The Road Warrior, but now with 30 more years under his belt, this vision might have changed. It'll be interesting to see what this long layoff from the series will prompt in terms of changes. People undergo lots of changes in three decades, and Miller is presumably no different. He's no longer a fresh-faced filmmaker; he's in his 70s. He hasn't even had an R-rated film since 1987. He's primarily focused on family-friendly outings. Seeing him step back into the world of Mad Max should be interesting, if nothing else.

The cast is also intriguing. Tom Hardy is on a career high right now, having picked his roles carefully recently. He's one of my favorite actors currently working, and I'm curious as to how he'll make the role his own. Charlize Theron returns to post-apocalyptica for the second time, here playing a very different character than the one she played in The Road. Nicholas Hoult's Nux looks like he's going to be a scene-stealing character. Hugh Keays-Byrne played the villain in the first Mad Max, and now, over 30 years later, returns to play the villain in the fourth one, although it's a different character. I'm even a little interested to see how Rosie Huntington-Whiteley fairs, if only because it's her second film - the first being the third Transformers film.

Mad Max: Fury Road opens on May 15, 2015.


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