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The Worst Films of 2015 (So Far)

Marter | 30 Jul 2015 12:00
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#6: The Boy Next Door

Directed by Rob Cohen. Produced by Jason Blum, John Jacobs, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Benny Medina, and Jennifer Lopez. Written by Barbara Curry. Release date: January 23, 2015.

The Boy Next Door Worst-Of Image

It's easy to forget about The Boy Next Door, mostly because it came and went early in the year and was dominated in popularity by something else, but this was one of the dullest "erotic" thrillers in recent memory. The problem here is that it's neither erotic nor a thriller, so it mostly just exists to kill a couple of hours of your life with meaningless, pointless, forgettable drivel that won't titillate or excite.

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