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6 Ways Game of Thrones Surpasses Its Source Material

TravelerSF | 13 Oct 2015 17:30
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2. The locations

"Winter is coming" is definitely one of the most recognizable quotes from the show. As such, the climate plays a large part in the story. The White Walkers are very much the physical representation of the impending winter and the cold and death it will bring with it, so to realize just what kind of a threat they're bringing, the audience must understand what it means for the winter to come.

I've been camping during the dark winters of Finland, in temperatures as low as -30 Celsius (-22 Fahrenheit) - which is so cold that my snot would freeze solid before it had time to drop off my nose. And the worst thing about the cold is that it's always there. It never goes away. It constantly tries to find a way under your clothes, onto your body and all the way to your bones. Get a bit too wet, or sit down for too long, and it's there. It's always there, all around you, just constantly nibbling your face, waiting.

Conveying all that through written word is difficult. Text can only deliver a single idea at a single point in time, so creating the feeling of that kind of omnipresent threat would mean constantly reminding the reader of it.

The show, however, doesn't have that problem, thanks to being a visual medium that is able to deliver multiple ideas at once. Northern Iceland offered an absolutely fantastic shooting location for the lands beyond The Wall, the true north of Westeros. You only have to take one look at it and you can feel the cold.

The same is true for other kinds of weather as well, whether it be the harsh, soaking rain of the Battle of the Blackwater or the burning, suffocating heat of Red Waste desert. Thanks to the show's excellent cinematography, you never have to be reminded of the ways the world itself fights against its people - you only have to watch.

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