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6 Ways Game of Thrones Surpasses Its Source Material

TravelerSF | 13 Oct 2015 17:30
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3. The fights

I've never quite felt that the written word can do action scenes justice, since they rely so heavily on you actually seeing something extraordinary, instead of just imagining it. Some authors can describe action especially vividly, but they are few and far between. I have nothing against George R.R. Martin's writing abilities - the action he writes is very entertaining - but it simply can't match up against actually witnessing the action with your own eyes.

The show has had some great fight choreography, ranging from the swordfight between Ned and Jaime to the acrobatic duel between Oberyn and The Mountain. The larger fights have been just as impressive, whether it be the Unsullied and Drogon attacking the slave-masters of Asapor, or the chilling, hopeless fight against the White Walkers and their army in season five.

Yes, yes, the Battle of the Blackwater was exciting to read through, but nothing compares to actually seeing a fleet explode in green wildfire right before your eyes. And yes, the sword fights and the fear of losing one of my favorite characters made turning the pages incredibly suspenseful, but it was an entirely different thing to see Brienne of Tarth and The Hound just go all out against each other in a brutal brawl. And as shocking as the death of Oberyn at the hands of the Mountain was for the book readers, I'm sure the sight of seeing a man's skull crushed with bare hands stuck to the show viewers' mind like a nightmare fueling leech.

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