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5 Obscure Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween

Matthew Parkinson | 29 Oct 2015 12:00
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Directed and written by Christopher Smith. Produced by Julie Baines, Martin Hagemann, Barry Hanson, Robert Jones, Kai K√ľnnemann, and Jason Newmark. Release date: January 28, 2005.

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There have been a couple of movies titled "Creep," the latest of which was released earlier this year. But the one I'm talking about was from a decade before. Christopher Smith's Creep sees a woman named Kate (Franka Potente) trapped in a London subway station overnight. She fell asleep while waiting for her train, missed it, and then finds out that she can't get out. And there's something down there with her.

Creep does several things that make me greatly appreciate it. First off, its opening kill scene - which in most movies has little-to-no impact on the rest of the plot - comes back into the equation later on. Secondly, its lead character, Kate, begins the film like most horror movie characters: completely unlikable and someone we hope to die. But as she spends her night underground, she learns many things about herself and comes to understand how her actions impact others. It's a moral movie, in a way.

Then there's the thing. The villain is realized with some great makeup and a fantastic physical performance by Sean Harris. You can't recognize the man underneath, although there's still something human to it. Harris' eyes do so much talking, bringing far more emotion and sympathy for his character than you'd expect. Most horror creatures get less scary the more you see them; the one in this movie manages to stay at a pretty terrifying level throughout. Creep also contains the single most effective jump startle I've ever seen at the movies.

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