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The Best Overlooked Horror & Halloween Movies on Netflix

Jared Jones | 31 Oct 2015 15:00
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Norwegian conspiracies. Goat sacrifices. Giant trolls. Need I say more?

Editor's Note: No, you don't. This is one even for those nerds who dislike Horror films.


The Babadook

If you're a horror fan that's worth his/her salt, chances are that you've at least heard grumblings of the breakout directorial debut of Jennifer Kent, which along with It Follows (which is sadly not yet available on Netflix), has been heralded as one of the best horror films of the year, and rightfully so.

Juggling such issues as postpartum depression, isolation, and childhood notions of "The Boogeyman," The Babadook is a fairy tale-like horror story about a grieving widow and mother who receives a mysterious pop-up book that unleashes the spirit of a vengeful, supernatural being hell-bent on claiming her problematic (and if I can be so candid, annoying) son.

Perhaps the most noteworthy element of The Babadook -- aside from its terrifyingly rendered titular creature - is the film's beautiful yet monotonic set design that calls back to classic Italian horror films like Suspiria and The Beyond. The whole thing feels like a surreal fever dream that slowly starts to constrict itself around you as it becomes a nightmare.

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