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The CineMarter Awards - Best of 2015

Marter | 20 Jan 2016 18:00
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Best Non-Theatrical Film

With VOD releases and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon producing original content, the theater isn't the only place to get quality films nowadays. It's still top dog, for now, but we'll soon be in a place where it may wind up in a losing position. Beasts of No Nation, which is a Netflix film, focused on a child soldier in Africa. Knock Knock is a campy horror movie with a point. Night Owls is a great dramedy focused on keeping a woman who took a lot of sleeping pills awake for the entire night. Turbo Kid is an amazing throwback to '80s action movies. And The Voices sees Ryan Reynolds unwittingly becomes a serial killer.

For this category, only films that were released in 50 or fewer theaters, and were released non-theatrically simultaneously, were considered.

Beasts of No Nation

Knock Knock

Night Owls

Turbo Kid

The Voices

And the winner is...

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