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The CineMarter Awards - Best of 2015

Marter | 20 Jan 2016 18:00
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Best Use of a Song in a Film

This is a fun category. It honors some movies that were made memorable thanks to a specific use of a song. Furious Seven's "See You Again" was a touching tribute to Paul Walker. The Last Five Years' "I Can Do Better Than That" was just my favorite from a film that was more or less ignored in 2015. Magic Mike XXL included the best use of the Backstreet Boys ever with "I Want it That Way." Paper Towns' use of the Pokemon theme song turned that movie into something I may never forget. And The Voices had "Sing a Happy Song" play with its credits, complete with music video, which was just a perfect cap to a great movie.

Furious Seven - "See You Again"

The Last Five Years - "I Can Do Better Than That"

Magic Mike XXL - "I Want it That Way"

Paper Towns - "Pokemon Theme"

The Voices - "Sing a Happy Song"

And the winner is...

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