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8 Short Films You Should Watch Immediately

Jared Jones | 4 Feb 2016 17:00
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While this year's upcoming Academy Awards have been rightfully taken to task (and boycotted, in some cases) for the lack of diversity amongst its nominees - "whiter than Hugh Grant's ass after a long winter," I believe they've been called - there's another group of artists who will almost surely be neglected once again at this year's ceremony: short filmmakers.

By "short filmmakers," I obviously don't mean directors and actors under 5'7", but rather, the creative forces behind short films, who year after year are treated as but a footnote of the Oscars despite being just as talented than their feature-length counterparts. In all reality, the makers of short films might even be more talented, if only due to the fact that they are given far less time and money to tell their stories than the Alejandro Inarritu's of the world.

But with the popularity of short films steadily on the rise - just think of how many Vine and Youtube stars have become multimillionaires in the past few years - it's about time that both we and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences started paying more attention to short films, starting with this handy little list.

1. Pre Vis Action

Released just a few days ago by The Raid: Redemption director Gareth Evans, "Pre Vis Action" is brilliant in its simplicity, allowing the renowned martial arts director to once again display his knack for shooting complex, intricately-choreographed fight scenes. Stepping away from the drug cartel-run world of the Raid series and into the realm of the samurai, Evans trades in the gunplay for, well, swordplay in what is essentially a 5-minute, straight up action sequence. And wouldn't you know it, even Mad Dog (Yayan Ruhian) makes an appearance!

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