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7 Essential Films to Watch from the Coen Brothers

Marter | 11 Feb 2016 15:00
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#2 Miller's Crossing

After a pretty solid sophomore film in Raising Arizona - also worth seeing, but it's not essential - the Coens went in a different direction with Miller's Crossing, their ode to gangster movies. Another dark comedy, this one saw Gabriel Byrne try to keep the peace - and later, well, other things - between two rival gangs. It's funny, it does a wonderful job using the strengths of the gangster genre to make one of the better ones. Look, once again, for the launch of a career: Miller's Crossing was the first film for Marcia Gay Harden. Good characters, great acting, and a plot that feels complex even if it, in the end, isn't, Miller's Crossing makes for an incredibly fun watch.

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