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7 Essential Films to Watch from the Coen Brothers

Marter | 11 Feb 2016 15:00
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#4 Fargo

Returning to the genre with which they began, Fargo is a crime thriller. Frances McDormand is the star, here playing a police chief. Her task is to solve some roadside murders. But it's not as simple as it immediately appears. McDormand shines in this role - she won the Best Actress award at the Academy Awards - the film as a whole has a wonderful plot that is clever, engaging, and funny. The film is gorgeous; it probably contains the second best cinematography in a Coen brothers film. And, well, it has that wood chipper scene. It's been such an influential film that it now has a TV series based on it, and an entire film exists whose plot features a woman who saw Fargo on VHS and believed that it was real.

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