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7 Lesser-Known Superhero Movies

Matthew Parkinson | 18 Feb 2016 15:00
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It's safe to say that, after this past weekend, Deadpool is a character that the general audience recognizes. Deadpool made a record-breaking amount of money at the box office and was well-received by both critics and audiences. Prior to its release, though? Deadpool was seen as more of a niche character. Comic book fans knew him, and maybe some people knew of him, but the general audience? Not so much. Today, we're going to talk about seven lesser-known superhero movies that failed to do what Deadpool did.

#1 Mr. Freedom

William Klein's satirical superhero movie saw its hero decked out in football pads and spewing the most right-wing phrases imaginable in order to defeat those darn Commies. He's Captain America if Captain America was done as a profane joke, not as a serious character. Combined with late-'60s Red Army paranoia and taking on villains such as Red China Man and Moujik Man, Mr. Freedom is unlike almost any other superhero movie out there.

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