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20 Movies to Look Forward to this Spring

Matthew Parkinson | 17 Mar 2016 15:00
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A Hologram for the King

Directed and written by Tom Tykwer. Produced by Stefan Arndt, Gary Goetzman, Arcadiy Golubovich, Tom Hanks, Uwe Schott, and Tim O'Hair. Release date: April 22 2016.

Director Tom Tykwer reunites with Tom Hanks to tell the story of a washed-up American salesman who travels to Saudi Arabia to secure an IT contract. Both of those names make films worth seeing more often than not, and the last time they teamed up, they helped make one of the best films of 2012. I can't imagine this not being at least pretty decent.


Directed by Peter Atencio. Produced by Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Peter Principato, Paul Young, and Joel Zadak. Written by Jordan Peele and Alex Rubens. Release date: April 29, 2016.

It has a gangster cat. Gangster. Cat! Furthermore, it's the first feature film from the Key & Peele team. It sees a cat called Keanu get stolen, so Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele must pretend to be gangsters in order to rescue it - mostly shooting their way to their goal. It has a plot similar to John Wick, or so it appears, which makes its title, Keanu, all the more interesting. Oh, and guess what: Keanu Reeves has a voice role in the film (it has to be as the cat, right?). Hopefully it's as funny as it sounds.

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