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5 Best Moments from the Resident Evil Movies

Marter | 26 Mar 2016 15:00
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#3: Alice Clones? (Resident Evil: Extinction)

Resident Evil: Extinction was a pretty big film for Alice as a character. Not only did she gain psychic powers - because why not? - but it was also revealed that The Umbrella Corporation was cloning her. Her blood also contains the cure for the T-virus. She is a picture-perfect example of The Special. And yet, seeing her at the end, looking out at a significant number of pods containing her clones - that was a teaser. Could we see dozens of Alice clones against tons of totally-not-zombies? It was a big moment, framed extremely well, and more intriguing than almost anything else in the film - even Alice's psychic powers. It ultimately didn't go anywhere, but if you're watching the films in order, it can't help but get you pumped.

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