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5 Actors Who Should Do A New Star Wars Movie

Firefilm | 30 Sep 2015 15:30
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Rinko Kikuchi

4. Rinko Kikuchi

Since Pacific Rim 2 may or may not be dead, it's safe to say Kikuchi should be looking for a new starring vehicle to replace her run as Mako Mori, Badass Giant Robot Pilot. We know from that role and her turn in 47 Ronin that she's comfortable with physical roles, complete with elaborate fight choreography and some silly outfits. Sounds like Star Wars to me.

The haunted fear and quiet restraint she showed in Pacific Rim coupled with the badassery on display during her fight with her copilot makes her a fantastic candidate for a dark side apprentice. Perhaps someone who lets her emotions overtake her connection to the Force when she is threatened. Too often we've seen Sith and fallen Jedi who are perfectly deliberate and comfortable with their evil ways; it would be nice to see someone who is not in control of her dark power, but consumed by it.

Michael B. Jordan

5. Michael B. Jordan

Jordan is a great young actor with a very naturalistic, understated style of performance. During his run on "Parenthood" as a young man with a lot of adult mistakes under his belt, he made a lot of bold, philosophical declarations without sounding like a blowhard or a zealot. More recently, Jordan has taken a big blow to his career thanks to the complete disaster of Fantastic Four, and it would be good to erase that from the memories of audiences by hooking onto a franchise that might use his potential to the fullest.

As Jordan has played tragic characters in the past in Fruitvale Station and "The Wire," I think it would be fitting for his Star Wars character to have a tragic fatalism as well. You know, now that fans are finally admitting that Boba Fett has done very little to earn his rabid following, I'd like to come forward and call out the Emperor's red guards. Those guys did absolutely nothing, except look really cool. Maybe Jordan could play one of the red guards who failed to prevent Palpatine's demise. Wracked with guilt, he could travel the galaxy looking for a way to restore his honor...before being frozen in carbonite for his devotion to a dead dictator. In between, we'd be sure to get plenty of awesome duels and assassins trying to best him.

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