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12 Actors Who Could Play the Sinister Six

Firefilm | 14 Oct 2015 15:00
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4. Sandman

Perhaps the most physically scary of the six, Flint Marko was a small-time crook who accidentally was infused with irradiated sand, causing shapeshifting capabilities. Though usually used as muscle, he has recently been better defined by his devotion to his daughter.

Hollywood's Pick: Kellan Lutz

He's burly, he's intimidating, and for some reason the studios really want him to succeed. Though his Twilight days are long over, he's played the lead in Legend of Hercules and had a featured role in Expendables 3. Perhaps his name would jive with Sony's never-ending compulsion to keep going younger.

My Pick: Jason Segal

Don't go crazy. I know he's a comic actor, but with a little body-building regimen he would be the scariest sucker ever. He's 6'4" and has shown great range in several projects. Particularly in his early work on "Freak and Geeks" and "Undeclared" as well as the more recent Five-Year Engagement, he has displayed an adept mask of wild-eyed simmering rage with a dash of psychotic possession. Sure, it was played for laughs, but what if it wasn't?

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