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Five Actors Who Could Play Indiana Jones

Firefilm | 4 Nov 2015 15:00
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Jensen Ackles 2015

2. Jensen Ackles

For ten years now, this naturally goofy guy has pulled off being a beefy, coiled spring of rage and fear on "Supernatural" as older brother Dean Winchester. Now he's getting too far into his career for television and needs a big action franchise. He'd be great as Jones primarily because I can buy him fistfighting Nazis and charming the ladies, but at the same time he's shown a deft ability to naturally perform a ghost/demon/monster equivalent of technobabble.

Whomever must play the Whip Doctor (that's Jones' DJ name), he must appear adept at quoting ancient texts off the top of his head and finding clues to the secret entrance of a long-forgotten tomb. Ackles has spent a decade preparing for this role, and I think he's ready for the big leagues.

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