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Five Actors Who Could Play Indiana Jones

Firefilm | 4 Nov 2015 15:00
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Bradley Cooper avp 2014

3. Bradley Cooper

It has taken me years to decide whether I like Cooper in movies or I despise his performances. I'm not sure what exactly sold me, but I'm in. He's undeniably charismatic, has fantastic comedic timing, and a certain versatility. Hollywood loves to cast him as an everyman hero, such as his recent acclaim as Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, or as experimental drug tester Eddie Morra in Limitless.

What really sells me on Cooper as Jones is the chemistry he had in Silver Linings Playbook with his costars. Not just the magnetism with Jennifer Lawrence, but also the lived-in, caged animosity with Robert DeNiro's father character. And even the unquestioned mutual loyalty between Cooper's character Pat and his friends. These are all Indiana Jones through a strange prism; wouldn't it be fantastic to watch Cooper in one of those father-son scenes from Last Crusade?

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