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Five Actors Who Could Play Indiana Jones

Firefilm | 4 Nov 2015 15:00
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Patrick Wilson May 2015

4. Patrick Wilson

Bookish? Check. Rakishly good-looking? Check. Ability to punch someone's block off? Check. Though he's spent a large chunk of his recent career warding off evil spirits and demons in the Conjuring and Insidious franchises, Wilson might be at his best in Zack Snyder's Watchmen as idealistic inventor-turned-crimefighter Dan Dreiberg, aka Night Owl.

So, not only does he have previous experience with creepy pseudo-Christian lore like exorcisms and ghostly spirits, he also has a background in beating wholesale ass in a goofy costume. And I'd believe this guy in a library or classroom teaching about archeology as much as I'd believe him dangling on a rope doing some full-on tomb raiding. The reason I like Wilson for Jones is that he is believable in a period piece; in Watchmen he sounded like he belonged with Alan Moore's very precise, old fashioned dialogue. I can't picture Cooper or Pratt using 1930s lingo, but Wilson could.

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