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5 Actresses Who Could Play A New Lara Croft

Firefilm | 18 Nov 2015 16:00
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Natalie Dormer departing ABC Time Square Studios

2. Natalie Dormer

Though less action-oriented than some of the other candidates, Dormer has shown through her CV that her Lara Croft would be strong of character if not strong of muscle. As Margaery Tyrell on "Game of Thrones" as well as Jamie Moriarty on "Elementary," she has established a patient intelligence that would lend itself to Lara's new background as a graduate student of history and archeology.

The real boon of casting Dormer is that she would look natural desperately gunning down bad guys, solving puzzles proactively and logically, and trudging through a muddy cavern with a torch in one hand and a climbing axe in the other. Her Lara would be complicated, which is what the new games are going for.

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