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Five Actors Who Should Be the Universal Monsters

Firefilm | 16 Dec 2015 19:00
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Clive Owen (Berlin Film Festival 2009)


It's not uncommon for an untested concept to lean on the credibility and brand of a veteran actor. That's what the Van Helsing character is almost tailor-made for. He's a mysterious warrior-scholar who fights things that go bump in the night in Victorian-era Europe. In this new series, he could easily be the zealot antagonist looking to exterminate the monsters because they are different or he could end up being the grizzled mentor for them. The Obi-Wan. The Nick Fury. The Gandalf. And he'd be a mere human who is so hardcore that he could fight each of them to a standstill if need be.

My first inclination was to give this to someone like Christoph Waltz, who would be able to carry dramatic weight or comic relief depending on the situation. I'd love to hear him introduce himself as Professor Van Helsing all polite and likeable, and then fiendishly stab someone with a wooden stake.

But Owen is kind of perfect for an action-oriented take. He's got such a rugged, burly physique that is paired perfectly with a methodical, bookish demeanor in the right roles. He's a sort of British Harrison Ford, and Van Helsing would be great as a more monster-oriented Indiana Jones type. I could buy Owen taking down supernatural forces of evil just with his brain and his fists.

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