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Five Actors Who Should Play Gordon Freeman in A Half-Life Movie

Firefilm | 23 Dec 2015 15:00
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Josh Hartnett SDCC 2014

2. Josh Hartnett

Oh, I know there are haters. And in many cases, they are justified. But Hartnett has been putting in some crackerjack work on Showtime's "Penny Dreadful," and has had a realistic amount of time removed from his heartthrob status of 2001 or so. He's also of the correct career profile for a big budget action film based on a beloved property. A studio would back that movie for $40 million, provided a name director with a recent hit was involved.

In terms of performance, Hartnett would more than likely succeed at playing up Freeman's need to study and poke at the unknown. The goofier "don't touch that button!" moments from the games would work in his hands, and of course he'd be very at home for the action sequences. His days of Black Hawk Down and Hollywood Homicide have prepared him for fight choreography. His character from The Faculty isn't too far removed from Freeman, either.

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